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Week 17 – Abundance is upon me

As I was pitching one of the biggest clients the company I work for will ever get, the CEO passed by my desk.   He dropped a pool stick leaning on my table and went on to his office.   Later that day and after closing what promises to be the biggest deal of my […]

Week 16 – Kindness and Gratitude

My heart sank and I got projected into presence instantly. Adrenaline surged in my veins and all the lack of sleep and excess of caffeine vanished. We had been hosting the personal development meetup for over 4 months and it just came to my attention that we had several members who were considering suicide. The […]

Week 15 – Effortless Growth

What is it that 99% of the people fighting about something verbally or physically do not understand?   What you focus on grows. If you focus on the good, it will grow, if you focus on the bad, it will grow.   So you might as well focus on what matters most and positively as […]

Week 14 – At First There Was Peace

And then life happened. When I was little I already knew what I wanted my life to be. I somehow trusted my intuition. I already noticed that the first time I took the Masterkey however I will repeat it: The more I watch Youtube videos, ads, read books and more, the less I know what […]

Week 13 -Compounded Gratitude

I was 20 years old the first time I picked the book “Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. The book helped me ask myself an important question: What am I going to become in 5 years from now if I continue this pattern? The habits I had had to change or the long term effect of […]

Week 12 – How to be grateful

The first time I did this exercise, I felt like a failure that forgot that he is a Success.   As I lost the habit for the past months, I now remember that us, human beings, tend to forget what we have achieved.   We tend to focus more on the negative naturally, it is […]

Week 11 – The 4 Essential Steps to Any Success

Persistence is a Habit and not a characteristic or born-quality. It is the result of 4 little habits.   Or in other words: 4 tiny things to do.   It’s funny to me how when you look closely at anything, you end up seeing patterns.   1 – You set a Definite Major Purpose backed […]

Week 10 – Dreamboard

Week 10 was a successful week where I enjoyed the freedom of not having a webinar and simply keeping on doing what I am doing.   The only habit I fell through back then is the following: blogging.   My best guess is that since there was no webinar I was short on content. My […]

Week 9 – Past Identity

All my struggles come from my believed identity. My brain is addicted to some feelings and reactions that have entered my brain. I now understand why my life has been what it was up until that point. The level of Success I have had in the past and the conditions around me are all the […]

Week 8 – Prioritizing my Priorities

I haven’t come that far to only come that far. I remember a year ago exactly I was battling at this point with not quitting. It was my only focus, staying in the course, keeping on walking. My DMP had gone through 9 back and forths with no real improvement and I was feeling miserable […]